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    If i could give it a 0 rating i would. Apt building drenched of drug smell so bad l[ks like fog iv !rug users i. N hallways and garage elvator smells like human waste and urine .drugs be sold on every floor with kids in building and lot smoking drugs outside by entraces at t*mes water turned off and. Cocaine and meth fumes so bad y cant breathe and they do nothing plus the worksrs smoke pot and cus and down grade other residents who ars thedw a real pit should be fined
    By Sh B, March 22, 2018
  • Branon at Ruffi law was amazing to work with. He was very thorough in explaining everything to me so I understand. Everytime I need him or asked a million questions he was always very willing to help and made things so easy for me. Very highly recommended.
    By kasi e, March 16, 2018
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    My experience with Tammy Levitt Jones was unfair and unjust. I will never recommend her to anyone. She sided with my ex husband. We had her for a guardian for my son whom is 14. Tammy is very unprofessional. She meet with me for the second interview for my sons case and told me that my ex had told her nothing that comes out of my mouth is the truth and everything I say is a lie. She stated to me that she believed him. She also had her nose into all of our divorce details such as what I was getting for a property division from my ex. She was more interested in those details than really about my son whom was the real issue at hand. She didn't return my calls when calling her. She developed an attitude with me after speaking with my ex. She sided with my ex and he got full placement of my son. She treated me like I was a unfit parent. She never came out to the homes for scheduled visits to check living arrangements. She never spoke with any of my references I gave her by phone. She had them fill out a paper questionnaire that they could not understand. She also did not speak to my son in a neutral place my ex was with him at the time of the appointment and drove him there. Which my son then tended to do want my ex wanted for placement. I have heard from others that she tends to side with the male gender before I went into this by 3 other women. They were so right. Just wanting to let all women out there know that if you get her for a guardian you have the right to change to another guardian. We went to mediation before we got Tammy for our case and the mediator stated that we both would and should with no doubt get 50/50 placement, but Tammy decided to make her decision 100 percent on a 14 year old boys opinion. She treated him like he was an adult and he can make his own decisions and do whatever he wants. So please take this into account if you are thinking about Tammy Levitt Jones. This has been a nightmare for me. I am a good mother and was always the primary care giver of my children and none of that mattered to her. My divorce lawyer stated that she was more focused on things that didn't pertain to her guardian job then what did. She had already had her mind made up before I meet with her the second time that sole placement would go to my ex. She even told my ex and son that was her decision. My 14 yo son told me that directly and that is where the unprofessional part comes in. Also, things my ex should have been held accountable for like slipping out to a strip joint in the middle of the night for 2 hrs while my son was home by himself she never cared about. I am speaking from the heart and I don't want anyone else to feel this way. Or be treated this unfair.
    By Tracy Leffel, January 01, 2018
  • A perfect fit! We couldn’t be happier with the Montessori School of Wausau – the people, place and purpose. The caring people at Montessori have high expectations for behavior, respect for all, and adherence to rules – yet they fully appreciate and encourage silliness and all that makes young children delightful. Students are greeted daily by name and Snickers the guinea pig is friend to all, especially those with carrots in their lunches. The place is a cozy school setting in a convenient location nestled in an established neighborhood. It has a fantastic playground including a garden in the summer. The whole building is kid-sized – their size and their turf! The purpose is so much more than day care. Kids have opportunities for independent discovery/play, summer theme weeks, opportunities for gymnastics and creative movement. There are teacher conferences to get a sense of progress and specific Dad’s and Mom’s nights for kids to show off their school one-on-one. Our daughter, now in 3rd grade, loved the school, and our son who currently attends, looks forward to going each day. The Montessori School of Wausau is a perfect fit for us.
    By Rebecca Pilgrim Tylinski, December 14, 2017

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